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Trucking Accident Caused By Negligence Can Be Hardship For Victims!

Accidents through deliberate and irresponsible behavior will result in injuries which lead to a complicated life for victims. There are many drastic consequences that may arise from an accident such as physical disabilities, loss of income for an entire family, pain, and suffering - and even death. An injured victim deserves compensations for medical treatments, loss of income, and other purposes. A personal injury lawyer plays a critical role in protecting the rights as well as satisfying the needs of victims who want to obtain maximum compensation for their injuries to have some degree of protection living with their injuries.

Mr. Sellers has handled literally thousands of injury cases over a long and distinguished career of more than 40+ years. He can help you protect your rights and get the maximum compensation your deserve.

Injured in a truck accident in Vancouver WAMost truck accidents on the highways and roads are mainly caused by negligence and human errors. Victims should be paid compensation quickly to plan for their future life dealing with loss of income and physical injuries.

If you choose to hire us to represent you, we will protect your rights to make sure that there is no delay in the process of getting compensation and to make sure that you get the full amount of compensation allowed by law including all medical expenses and other property damages that you may have incurred. We will consider all the applicable laws for the state in which the accident took place (Oregon or Washington) in order to evaluate all the facts related to your accident and obtain maximum amount of compensation for your injuries and other damages.

Irresponsible trucking companies and commercial shipping and dispatch service companies may sometimes ignore the hardship of an injured victim while they keep their focus on constantly increasing their profitability.

One of the best ways to select the right personal injury attorney to represent you is to call and have an informal discussion to get advice on your case. The initial consultation would be free and there is no obligation to hire us to represent you. We can discuss your case and see what can be done to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

The personal injuries cause by a truck accident can be very serious and needs to be evaluated by a medical physician or a hospital – often requiring an immediate medical care. Sellers Law Offices Personal Injury Lawyers work closely with the victims and work hard to negotiate with the insurance company to make sure that the victim receives enough compensation to live a worry free life. We provide a no-obligation and completely free case review to help you determine if we are the right personal injury attorney that you want to work with on your claim. We work expeditiously to establish the exact compensations for the damages and any possible future difficulties and get in touch with the insurance companies at the earliest possible time to get the compensation as fast as possible to help you live a better quality of life as soon as it may be possible.

You can also review our website to get some details about what compensation you can expect and how the claim processing works. Our website is designed to get you to gain information about the various injury cases available and you can also contact us instantly via email, telephone, and online live chat. We you call us or contact us, you will hear 4 fours: “How can we help?”

Most often truck drivers are actually well trained and commercial truck drivers are skilled and patient drivers. But unfortunately sometimes there are inherent dangers in meeing deadlines, changing schedules, corporation policy changes, new cross-state laws and regulations - all of which can affect the process of commercial transportation and shipping and may result in traffic accidents.

Injuries Caused in an Accident with a Truck can be the results of:


Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerTruck driver being tired or sleepy

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerInadequate training for new truck drivers to meet corporate expansion objectives

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerInadequate training (even for more experienced commercial truck drivers) in safety technique, and defensive driving.

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerDrunk driving, DUI / DWI reckless driving, or substance abuse

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerUnrealistic schedules set upon truck drivers by corpoate headquarters that do not take external conditions into account, e.g. weather.

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerProfitability before safety - setting expectations that cause safety risks

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerPressure on commercial truck drivers to hurry the delivery of goods to meet customer demands


We work hard to protect your rights and get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

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