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Truck Accident & Injuries FAQ

Accidents involving commercial trucks and semi (18-wheelers) can result in serious injuries or fatalities. Commercial trucks are significantly heavier than passenger vehicles, by almost a ratio of 20 to 1, and trucks can also be carrying shifting objects, heavy industrial machinery, hazardous, or flammable materials. Truck drivers and truck companies are held to higher legal standards than most other drivers, so if you have been injured in an accident with a commercial vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact us if you have questions regarding the law pertaining to your accident. There is no fee for speaking to us.

The staff at Sellers Law Office can help you with your questions if you have been in an accident, including any question you have after getting into an accident, or questions about steps to take to make it easier for you injury claim, or federal laws, or actions that affect compensation level or outcome of a potential verdict.

Truck jackknifed car personal injury attorneyThe staff at Sellers Law Office can help you with your questions if you have been in an accident, including any question you have after getting into an accident, or questions about steps to take to make it easier for you injury claim, or federal laws, or actions that affect compensation level or outcome of a potential verdict.

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Last month I was in an accident with a large commercial truck. As a result of the accident I missed time from work. Am I entitled to compensation?

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerGenerally speaking, yes. We would have to get a few other questions answered before we can give you a solid answer on this. If you were in an accident and the other party is at fault, you are entitled to compensation for loss of income and loss of any earning capacity resulting from the accident. Contact our truck accident personal injury attorney to discuss the merits of your case and determine how best to help you get the compensation you deserve.


My son’s motorcycle collided with a cement truck that was going very slow when entering the highway. Is he entitled to compensation?

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerDepending on the circumstances and the speed of the cement truck, and in some limited circumstances, the cement truck driver may be held legally negligent if the injuries occurred from the cargo or from negligent driving of the truck driver. The fact that the truck was carrying hazardous products also means that they driver must comply with federal regulations as well. You will need an experienced personal injury attorney to review the entire case, the circumstances, the nature of the material carried by the truck, road conditions, and other aspects before you can determine if you have a case against the truck driver or the trucking company.


If I was injured in a trucking accident, can I file a claim against the truck driver's trucking company for my injuries?

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerWell first you have to establish negligence, and second you have to establish what kind of employment arrangement or relationship the trucking company has had with the truck driver. In some cases the truck driver is an owner-operator individual without any ties to a company as an employee would. If there is a clear connection between the trucking company and the driver then you can consider filing a lawsuit against the trucking company. This area of personal injury law can be very complex it is not as easy and clear cut as it may appear. You will need the help of an experienced professional personal injury lawyer to help you. Establishing responsibility, negligence, and liability are not an easy task and most trucking companies have very sophisticated law firms on a retainer to protect them from lawsuits. You need to be very well prepared and backed by an experienced attorney.


What are the common causes of collisions between car and trucks?

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerTrucks are larger and heavier vehicles to drive and maneuver and hence they are harder to driver and put a great deal of demand on the truck driver to pay attention to all the road signs, the traffic, and again because of the size of the truck, there are lots of blind spots. Then add to that, the fact that there are many aspects of performance limitations such as braking distance or visibility that hinder the reaction time of such a large and heavy vehicle. Also, most automobile drivers are unaware of the difficult characteristics of driving a truck, and other hazards, e.g. the blind spots and acceleration issues, and hence the two end up in a collision.


I understand that accidents with commercial trucks can cause serious injuries, but I am not sure what exactly is the definition of a “commercial truck”? Is that the same as a semi-truck with a trailer?

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerA ‘commercial truck’ is commonly referred to any kind of truck that is used for transportation. This could include truck which is used for delivery of mail, or a truck used by utility companies, or trucks with trailers (semis). Some people think of commercial trucks as large trucks whether used for transportation or not and yet others refer to commercial trucks as any kind of truck that is used in the course of day to day business. In essence, commercial trucks are large transportation vehicles used for transportation of commercial goods. Commercial trucks include: 18-wheeler trailer semis used for freight, tractor trailers, gas and oil tanker trucks, cement trucks, sanitation trucks, delivery trucks, and construction trucks. Normally, pick up trucks are not thought of as being commercial trucks, unless they are modified to carry cargo and are larger than their normal sized cousins used as an SUV. Probably the best way of thinking of a commercial truck is by asking the question, does the driver need a special commercial driver’s license to operate the vehicle? If the answer is yes, then it is definitely, a ‘commercial truck”.


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How to win against the insurance company?

An insurance company earns a profit by collecting more in premiums from all policyholders than paying for their policyhoders insurance payouts, personal injury claims, and operating expenses. Their goal is to payout as little as possible and retain as much profit as they can.

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Let me explain a descriptinve overview of how personal injury claims often progress to settlement or litigation (whichever avenue you decide to pursue). I would be happy to meet with you, protecting your rights, and negotiating the settlement that you deserve.