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Truck Accidents and Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time, we have all experienced an unexpected and unpleasant incident in our lives. We all want to escape such unfortunate incidents but the fact is that we cannot, after it has happened. Sometimes these incidents include a motor vehicle accident that results in injuries that change our lives, may be temporary or even at times, permanently. No one wants to be in an accident and get injured, but unfortunately the chance is part of our daily lifestyle of going to work or shopping.

If you were in an accident and believe that someone was at fault for driving recklessly or simply not paying attention to the road signs and the traffic hazards, then you may have a case to claim compensation for your injuries.

Truck accident personal injury attorneyPhysical and emotional injuries can affect us financially and make our lives, and that of our loved ones, challenging if not outright difficult. It is a traumatic event. It is not easy to deal with. It can be quite prohibitive and emotionally unbearable at times. If you have been injured in Washington State or Oregon State, you can contact our law firm and one of our staff will assist you with your claim. We have seen many such injuries and how it affects an entire family. We are sympathetic and will do all we can to make your life a little easier and assist you with getting compensation for your injuries.

I was recently in a truck accident and it may be possible that I was partially to blame. Can I still file a claim against the truck driver or truck company, and win?

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerAs per the legal liability share known as “comparative negligence”, it may be that you can if we can establish the degree of your fault for the accident. This will then be used to ascertain the portion of the liability as it relates to the amount of irresponsible behavior, or negligence, or carelessness. It is like determining the percentage of his/her fault and then you may be able to have a claim and win a case, depending on state regulations which set the percentage responsible for the accident. This can be quite complex formula and you should contact an experienced professional personal injury attorney to help you with this.


I was involved in a truck accident where the semi-truck overturned. Do I have a case against the driver of the truck or the truck company?

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerNo, not automatically. The fact that the truck may have overturned is not itself reason for liability or proof of negligence. You will need to hire an experienced professional personal injury attorney to conduct investigation on the driver, past history, driving record, background check, the history of the trucking company and other cases, and many other aspects of the accident to be able to determine liability and evidence of negligence. It may be that the accident happened due to a non-negligent cause that was unavoidable and unrelated to the driving skills or safety of the truck driver, or that another car or driver caused the accident and the truck driver was simply trying to avoid collision. There could be many reason and each have to be investigated before you can establish liability or negligence.


Why is it essential to obtain a copy of a truck driver’s time log after a truck accident?

Portland OR Pesonal Injury LawyerFederal mandate regulates the amount of hours a truck driver is allowed to drive before they must rest in order to avoid truck driving fatigue which can cause an accident. If you have been in a truck accident, you will need to hire a personal injury attorney who will obtain a copy of the log to make sure that the log was properly kept and there was no violation of the law which resulted in the accident.


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How to win against the insurance company?

An insurance company earns a profit by collecting more in premiums from all policyholders than paying for their policyhoders insurance payouts, personal injury claims, and operating expenses. Their goal is to payout as little as possible and retain as much profit as they can.

When a personal injury claims is settled?

Let me explain a descriptinve overview of how personal injury claims often progress to settlement or litigation (whichever avenue you decide to pursue). I would be happy to meet with you, protecting your rights, and negotiating the settlement that you deserve.